The status page is being updated as new content is released. The titles are sorted alphabetically and indicated by different status icons, as shown below:

Upcoming: A new release is on the way.
New: New content released for the first time.
Update in progress: Page content (including music, media files, and links) is currently being updated.
Updated: Page content (including music, media files, and links) is up to date.
To be updated: Page content (including music, media files, and links) is expected to be updated.
Not available: There is no content at the moment because the project is paused or canceled.


Ambient symphony: Updated
Autumn prelude: To be updated
Disabled emotions: To be updated
Earth: To be updated
e-world: Updated
Fairytale: Updated
Fairytale 2: Update in progress
Fairytale 2 - The orchestral expansion: To be updated
Metamorphosis: Updated
The rain song: Updated
Untold stories of a dying moon: Updated


Loves... Demons... Deaths...: Updated
Tears to oblivion: Updated
The Fairy of Mani: Updated


Autumn leaves: New
Darkness falls: Updated
Die achte Sünde: Updated
Free yourself: Updated
Higher: Updated
Ilotana: Updated
Mera: New
Omega report: New
Pandora's dream: Updated
Santorini: Updated
Summer breeze: New
The mind trap: New
The right time: New
Through the looking glass: Updated
To the end of the world: Updated


Ad lucem: New
Adagio No. 1:
Not available
Adagio No. 2:
Not available
Adagio No. 3:
Not available
Agnus Dei: Updated
Andromeda: Updated
Ashes: Updated
Baby steps: New
Blue: Updated
Celtic dream: Updated
Come to me: Updated
Dawn of a new era (extended version): New
Daydream: Updated
Do not disturb: New
Dreaming of better days: New
Dreaming of you: To be updated
Dream keeper: To be updated
Echoes (alternative version): New
Eden: Updated
Escape: To be updated
Ethereal interlude: Update in progress
Evening whispers: Updated
Fallen angels: Updated
First dawn of spring:
Not available
Fly away: Updated
Fooled by angel's kiss: Updated
Gothic: Revenge of the undead: New
Grab the light: Updated
I ensure you: Updated
I just closed my eyes: Updated
Infinity: Updated
Irish wedding:
Not available
Keep flying:
Not available
La luna: To be updated
Not available
Land of legends: Updated
La luce che ti cambia: New
Las luces ya se han apagado: Updated
Long ways: New
Looking for you: Updated
Lost kingdom:
Not available
Love is breathing: Updated
Mirror of souls: Updated
Missing: Updated
Moonlight requiem: Updated
Moonpath: New
On your waving hair: Updated
Prayer: Update in progress
Promises: To be updated
Rainbow: New
Red moon: Updated
Sarabande: Updated
Senses: New
Shades of purple: New
Slow motion: Updated
So many lonely nights: Updated
Some nights: Updated
Songs: To be updated
Space traveler:
Not available
Stuff: Update in progress
Sulla pelle umida: Updated
Summer moments: Updated
The entrance: Updated
The Great Spirit: Updated
The lounge conspiracy: Updated
The mafia: Updated
Touch of serenity: Updated
Waltz No. 1:
Not available
Warrior's honor: Updated
Wild time: Updated
Whispering Iceland: New
Woman: Updated