Music Tracks Songs Lyrics
by Yiannis Tzionas
Original title: "Zeni's song"
Songs can't really be translated,
songs can't really be explained.
If you don't have pain to feel them,
simply, songs they will remain!

Songs are strong and songs are tender,
songs come thousands every day.
People come and people go
songs for ever here they'll stay.

I was singing, I was laughing,
I was using songs for fun.
Life and joy and all my senses,
perfumes, colors, light and sun.

Like if some spirit was jealous,
like from someone's bad eye rife.
That just brought you with the summer,
that just brought you in my life.

And it made me love you badly,
and it drove me need you so.
Then it had you leave me lonely,
then it had to make you go.

When I'll walk those little alleys,
nothing will be like before.
Now I know what songs are made of,
now I know what they are for.

Songs are made of pain and sorrow,
songs contain so many tears.
They do try to give me comfort,
they do try to chase my fears.

Songs can never be translated,
if you don't care any more.
They will have another meaning,
to the one you're crying for.