Music Tracks Andromeda About
  The Andromeda galaxy took its name from the Greek mythology and it is the most closer spiral galaxy to ours. The distance between Earth and Andromeda is more than 2 million light years. (The "light year" is a measure of distance, not of time. The length of a light year is equal to 10 trillion kilometres, or 6 trillion miles).

If we travel with a spacecraft with the speed of 17 kilometres or 10.5 miles per second (this is the speed of Voyager 1) and the galaxies were still, a trip from Earth to Andromeda would last 38 billion years. As the Andromeda galaxy is approaching "Milky Way" (our galaxy) with the speed of 110+ kilometres per second, both galaxies are expected to collide in about 3.75 to 4.5 billion years. As you see, the trip became already shorter.

But no trip is shorter than imagination. The music track "Andromeda" is a virtual journey from Earth to Andromeda, in almost 4 minutes. Let the music guide you and admire wonderful spacescapes from all over the universe through artists' impressions.

Most of the video parts used in the video of "Andromeda" are downloaded from ESA-Hubble. The photo of the front cover and the wallpapers is a work by Robert Gendler.