About Biography (EN)


My name is Nikos, my artist name is "zero-project" and I live in sunny Greece.

I was born in 1972. I have been involved with music since I was a child. Don't think that I was spending all my time on music, nor that I was a master of a musical instrument. I used to play melodica, but I preferred cycling and playing with my friends in the neighborhood. I did not study music and my relationship with music was at an amateur level. I maintained the same relationship later when I got my first synthesizer. The most important point in my music story was at the end of 2007 when I started making productions based on old music ideas, creating new songs, and uploading them all on my website.

I listen to different styles of music and that's why I like to create songs that are completely different from each other. So, do not be surprised if you hear a soundtrack, then an electronic, then a gothic rock, and finally a chillout song. Even an ethnic one.

Once, a well-known musician gave me a piece of advice: Better to be good at one type of music than mediocre at many. The truth is that I did not follow his advice, and I feel that I probably did not manage to be very good at everything, in the end. But what I managed to do is to experience great moments through a wonderful musical journey and meet remarkable, interesting, kind, and creative people.

So far, I have met many friends of my music. If there was more comfort in time and transportation, maybe some of them would be good friends. All these wonderful people have supported my effort generously with wonderful encouraging messages, some are buying high-quality files or listening to my music from streaming services, while others are donating. Thank you!

Thank you also, for continuing to read this note. It's important to me because it means you might find some interest in what I'm telling you. I appreciate it. Thank you so much!

If you wish to support this music effort, money is not the only way to do it. Should I suggest an even better way? You can invite two of your best friends to visit my website www.zero-project.gr and tell them to do the same with two of their best friends and so on. You can't imagine how important this support will be!

Never stop dreaming. Keep flying.

2020 July 20